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Code of Conduct

Reviewed July 2015

Risk Assessment

Reviewed May 2019

Publication Scheme

Reviewed May 2019

GDPR - Privacy Policy & Notice

Reviewed April 2019

GDPR - Information Policy

Reviewed April 2019

GDPR - Data Audit

Reviewed April 2019

GDPR - Retention of Documents

Reviewed April 2019

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Terms of Reference

Reviewed May 2017

Standing Orders

Adopted May 2020

Financial Regulations

Adopted May 2020

Business Continuity Plan for Covid 19

To be read in conjunction with the Maids Moreton Parish Council Risk Assessment.

Maids Moreton Conservation Area

The Maids Moreton Conservation Area Information Booklet

Playing Field Risk Assessment July 2020

A risk assessment for the playing field area, taking into consideration the special requirements in relation to the regulations in place for Covid 19.

MMPC Training and Development Policy

Grant Awarding Policy

The Parish Council has a budget to help community groups in the Parish of Maids Moreton for the financial year 1st April 2020 - 31st March 2021. If you would like to bid for some of this money, this coming year, please download the Grant Awarding Policy and send it with the relevant documents to the Clerk by 1 November 2020.