Parish Grant Awarding Policy

The Parish Council has a budget to help community groups in the Parish of Maids Moreton for the financial year 1st April - 31st March. If you would like to bid for some of this money, this coming year, please download the Grant Awarding Policy and send it with the relevant documents to the Clerk by 1st November.

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Elmers Charity

Back in 1653 William Elmer, a resident of this area died, and by his will he founded a Charity for 'Educational Purposes' in favour of the Ancient Parishes of Beachampton, Maids Moreton, Whaddon, Calverton and Nash.

This Charity still exists today with the original fund worth in the order of £25,000. After the proper costs and expenses of running the Charity, the income from the investment (the investment itself cannot be touched), is used to promote the education of those between 18 and 25 years. The fund provides financial assistance for clothing, tools, instruments or books to assist such persons to pursue their education (including music and other arts), to undertake travel in furtherance thereof, or to prepare for or enter a profession, trade, occupation or service on leaving school, university or other educational establishment.

The grants, if applicable, agreed and awarded, are not huge, and depend on the amount of investment 'interest' earned and the number of eligible persons applying, but can range from £25 - £100. Recent recipients have used such sums towards books and stationary (but not any actual educational fees).

If you wish to have further information for yourself, or on behalf of a vulnerable person you know, please contact the Secretary, Karen Phillips, by email to or telephone 01908 563 350. Alternatively, contact Pat Hardcastle, who is a Trustee on behalf of Maids Moreton Parish Council, either directly or through the Parish Clerk.