The Maids Moreton Conservation Group, in consultation with the Parish Council, and the residents of Maids Moreton have put together the Village Design Statement (VDS). 


From the outset it was important to involve everyone in this project to ensure that the Village Design Statement  truly reflected the thoughts of the community.

A questionnaire was delivered to and collected from every household. Each person in the village had the opportunity to respond to this, and their comments were collated and analysed.

The response to the questionnaires indicated the concerns of the participants, and this is turn gave rise to the final Village Design Statement.

A series of consultation meetings were held throughout the year, as listed, ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to contribute to this valuable document, in which the village residents give their ideas on their vision and their design for the future of Maids Moreton village.

Why have a Village Design Statement?  

The Village Design Statement (VDS) involves the community in the future development of their village, and allows them to determine how they would like to see it evolve. 

The VDS gives Maids Moreton the opportunity to promote its distinctive character, and to outline how it would like any new development to be designed, such that the village character is reflected and respected.

It is seen as the opportunity to maintain and to develop the local distinctiveness of Maids Moreton for future generations to enjoy.

To view the full Village Design Statement Click Here


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