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Recycling and Waste collection service

Missed collections  If your entire road has not had a collection, please leave it one day before reporting a missed collection and leave your bins on the boundary of your property/kerbside as usual. If AVDC have not been able to collect on your usual day they will try to return the following morning. 

If you seem to be the only property that’s missed a collection, please report it within 48 hours of it being missed, in order for it to be collected.  Report a missed bin. 

Food waste bins  Households have two food waste bins; a small silver kitchen caddy and a small outdoor green food waste bin, both with tightly fitting lids. You line the kitchen caddy with a compostable liner and fill with food scraps and when full, place in the green outdoor food bin. Please only put kitchen food waste in this bin.Food waste bins contaminated with other items won’t be emptied.

The green food waste bin will be collected weekly.

Recycling bin  Households have a large 240-litre recycling wheeled bin (with a blue hinged lid). You will use this for all paper, glass, cardboard, plastics, cartons, cans and tins, mixed together, you don’t have to separate them.

Please do not contaminate your bin with items that can’t be recycled, such as carrier bags. If you’re not sure if an item can be recycled or not, please check the leaflet provided in your information pack, or the list inside the bin lid. Contaminated bins won’t be emptied.

If you find your recycling bin is too big or not big enough, you can apply for a smaller, larger or an additional recycling bin. Smaller recycling bins have a140-litre capacity, the same size as the standard waste bin; larger ones have a 360-litre capacity. 

Recycling collections will be made every fortnight.

Waste bin  The rest of your waste, everything that is not recyclable or compostable, goes in your existing green wheeled bin. This will be collected fortnightly on alternate weeks with the new recycling bin.

Extra waste  AVDC will only collect rubbish that fits in the bin, with the bin lid closed. They will no longer collect extra bags of rubbish left next to the bin, so please make best use of the recycling and food waste bins to minimise what goes in your waste bin, or take it to the tip.

Garden waste  As there’s no garden waste collections in December and January, AVDC are temporarily suspending the garden waste sign up for new customers. If you are interested in applying for the service for 2013, the online application form should be available in mid December. Anyone signing up won’t have their first payments taken till February when the service resumes. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Garden Waste collection is an optional paid-for service.

Do you need help putting out your bins?  AVDC can help you if you are unable to put out your bins yourself. If you have a disability or are unable to move the bins, please contact AVDC by email or call them on 01296 585510.

Just moved here?  If you have just moved into a house on a new development you will get new bins but as an interim measure you may initially be provided with sacks for collections until the development is complete. AVDC will then provide bins.

What happens at bank holidays?  The new service operates from Tuesday to Friday, so any inconvenience to residents at Bank Holidays should be restricted to Good Friday, Christmas and New Year. Collection days may change at those times, where generally AVDC operate a one day delay to collections. 

Clinical waste  If you have clinical waste that you need to dispose of please do not put it in your household waste. Syringes and medical waste needs to be disposed of very carefully. If you want AVDC to collect clinical waste from your property you need to ask your doctor or nurse to make this request on your behalf. AVDC only collect clinical waste from residential properties.