In May 2018 Croft Transport Solutions undertook a traffic survey on behalf of David Wilson Homes as part of the planning application for 170 new houses in Maids Moreton (Outline application number 16/00151/AOP).  On 30th November in a detailed response Bucks County Council Highway Authority commented:

” I am now satisfied that the development will not have a severe impact on the safety and convenience of the highway network and a reason for refusal on this basis would not be sustainable at appeal.”

However it is very apparent to anyone who lives in Maids Moreton that the numbers in the survey appeared to be completely wrong and there were some basic errors in how it was conducted.  In response to this, Maids Moreton Parish Councillor Patrick Hardcastle and resident Jane Wood decided to do their own survey of traffic to see how it compared to the Croft analysis.  With a number of other village residents they  undertook a detailed survey of the traffic flows at the main junctions in Maids Moreton. You can access the survey here.

It is very clear from the survey that there are some huge discrepancies between the Croft survey and the survey conducted by the Parishioners.  As stated in the survey conclusion:

“The results of this survey show clearly that the figures supplied by Croft are not representative of the reality of current traffic flows in Maids Moreton, which are many times heavier than Croft states. As a consequence, the traffic management measures proposed to facilitate the development of site MMO006 seem to be based on unrepresentative data.”

Maids Moreton Parish Council held a special meeting on 21st December at which they resolved to accept and adopt the report on the traffic survey. The Council will now forward this officially to AVDC Planning and to BCC Highways and request that the results obtained are taken fully into account in any future discussions and decisions on housing developments proposed within the village and particularly any discussions and decisions related to the outline planning proposal 16/00151/AOP.

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