Dog mess is an eyesore and a health hazard. Dog owners have a legal duty to clean up every time their dog messes in a public place.

Despite the increased publicity on the problems of dog fouling and although dog walkers  have easy access to bins, there remains a problem on the green spaces in the village with dog mess.

To combat this Maids Moreton Parish Council has put in place a Dog Control Order in the parish which means that a Police Officer or an authorised person can issue a fixed penalty notice at the time of the offence.

To view the dog control order click here

To view the schedule showing the maps of the affected areas click the links below:

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3




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  1. March 2, 2014  8:30 pm by Matthew dale-evans Reply

    Completely agree with not allowing dogs on the areas mentioned but what about our public rights of way elsewhere in the parish? Does this order prevent dogs being off a lead then or is it just the areas mentioned in the maps? There is a law which allows close control (off the lead) and so is this law being removed from Maids Moreton everywhere and if so then why?

  2. March 3, 2014  8:13 pm by Maids Moreton Parish Council Reply

    Dog fouling continues to be a significant nuisance. Some irresponsible dog owners choose to ignore the behaviour of their dog, especially if not on a lead. To avoid an irresponsible dog owner claiming in their defence that they were not aware that their dog had fouled a footpath etc., Maids Moreton Parish Council require that dogs should be on a lead at all times. Responsible dog owners will not have any problems with the control order.

  3. March 10, 2014  8:57 pm by Hywel Willmot Reply

    As a new and nearly responsible dog owner (I am being trained!) I also completely agree with not allowing dogs in the yellow areas referenced. I however remain confused. You state that MM PC require a dog to be on the lead at all times. OK but where - just the yellow areas? If the dog is to remain on the lead throughout Maids Moreton why isn't all of Maids Moreton highlighted in yellow so it is clear.

  4. July 3, 2014  12:17 pm by Angry Maids Moreton Resident Reply

    Dog fouling is a real problem in Maids Moreton; I have never seen anything like it!. I suspect there are one or two are repeat offenders, but if you take Scott's Lane for example, there is regularly fresh muck along this Lane, and the Dog owner(s) must be aware of this?. I am intrigued to know their identity, because this lane is frequently used by young children and their parents to get to and from the local schools, plus other village ramblers. It is sometimes a real challenge to avoid these mess clusters, especially when you have a Pushchair!. Presumably, the offenders don't have children, otherwise they would recognise the extent of the problem, and the issues/risk regarding health and hygiene. Needless to say, this mess ends up on buggy wheels, shoes, bikes and inevitably in the house. These irresponsible dog owners need to watch out because if I catch this happening, guess what they will be having for lunch?.

  5. August 30, 2016  12:36 pm by Gill from maids Moreton Reply

    I agree with the above comment regarding Scott's Lane - used very regularly by dog walkers, including ourselves. I would like to propose that a dog bin is also situated at the other end of the lane to encourage dog walkers to collect their dogs foulings for quick disposal, rather than having to carry it for the length of the lane and then another distance in either direction, before being able to deposit it. I feel that this currently discourages a number of dog walkers from being responsible.

  6. October 1, 2016  9:31 pm by angry mum Reply

    This is still a huge issue which I find discusting. Myself and my family went on the scarecrow walk today. One small child and a pushchair. We had to dodge so much dog mess even outside the Pre school on the pavement!!
    I went to put the pushchair away when we arrived home to discover poo all around one of the wheels.
    Surly having chosen to own a dog you have chosen to clean up its business no matter how many bins are around or where they are situated this should be a given.
    Please don't waste any more money on bins it could be used for so many better things. These people have bins at home and they can buy nappy sacks from pound land to pick up their dogs poo.
    There is so much danger for kids with this being left everywhere I am now tempted to leave my babies pooped nappies laying around for your dogs to stick there faces in.
    Have some respect please

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