The Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) is the plan put together by the Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) for managing and accommodating growth within the Aylesbury Vale district until 2033. Part of the plan is to set out the areas where housing developments will take place.  The draft plan proposes the development of 170 new houses in Maids Moreton.   The Parish Council for Maids Moreton will be objecting to this proposed development.  If you also disagree with this development then it is important that you should voice your views.

How do I make my views heard?

  1. Register your comments online following the link . You will need to register and set up a password to go with your email address. Then click the link to VALP Proposed Submission, click on Maids Moreton in Section 4, and then click on the green pencil icon.
  2. If you would prefer to request a paper form you can either phone 01296 585308 or email
  3. You can contact our Parish Clerk and she will submit your comments or request a form for you. You will need to send an email to or a letter to Maids Moreton Parish Clerk, 32 Campbell Close, Buckingham, MK18 7HP.   The clerk will also need your name and address.

How best to challenge the Plan?

It’s up to give your own views, but at this stage any objections should relate to the validity and soundness of the VALP.  Two fundamental points which we feel discredit the plan are:

  1. Maids Moreton is categorised as a ‘medium village’ in the plan. This is based on population size and six out of ten defining characteristics.  We believe that Maids Moreton only achieves four out of the six characteristics, which means that we should be categorized as a ‘small’ village.
  2. If the development goes ahead the village population will increase by over 60% (when the average in the plan is 14%). This will have a huge impact on the amenities and transport in the village and will have a massive impact on every villager’s way of life.

See the other posts on this website for more information on these points.


Our local district and county councillor, Warren Whyte, would also welcome your views.  Please feel free to copy him at


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