In the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) put together buy the AVDC, Maids Moreton is classified as a ‘medium village’ and this is influential on their decision to approve the potential development of 170 houses in the village.

Let’s look at this in more detail:

In September the AVDC published their paper on Settlement Hierarchy:

Settlement Hierarchy Assessment for the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan to accompany Proposed Submission Plan September 2017

Defining the criteria for ‘Medium Villages’

5.15    In developing a criteria for medium villages, the settlements were defined as typically having a population of between around 600 and 2,000 and have between 6 – 7 of the key criteria (within 4 miles of a service centre, employment of 20 units or more, food store, pub, post office, GP, village hall, recreation facilities, primary school, hourly or more bus service and train station).

Characteristics of ‘medium villages’

5.16   To some extent the provision of facilities in each settlement reflects the size of the population, but a medium village has at least six of the key criteria. In total 19 settlements were defined as a ‘medium village’ and the medium villages have an average population of 1,152. There are some exceptions to this such as Stewkley which has 5 of the key criteria but a large population.


So let’s look at the defining characteristics of a medium village:

  1. within 4 miles of a service centre                      YES
  2. employment of 20 units or more,                      NO
  3. food store                                                          NO
  4. pub                                                                    YES
  5. post office                                                          NO
  6. GP                                                                      NO
  7. village hall                                                         YES
  8. recreation facilities                                            YES
  9. primary school                                                  NO*
  10. hourly or more bus service                               NO

*Maids Moreton is an Infant School for children of 4 to 7 years of age. Children need to move for years 3-6.

That’s only 4 YESs.   So AVDC how are we classified as a ‘medium village’? You are conflicting with you own guidelines!



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  1. November 16, 2017  4:32 pm by mark byrne Reply

    VALP: This is the list of medium villages with the housing number allocation. Notice anything odd?
     Cuddington (21)
     Ickford (20)
     Maids Moreton (170)
     Marsh Gibbon (9)
     Newton Longville (17)
     Quainton (37)

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