1. August 10, 2014  11:44 pm by Peter Crockett (crocker) Reply

    Hi, I played for the club 1973-1975, i would like to make contact with Andrew Box or David Spicer, as i am coming over for the All Blacks end of year tour and would like to meet up with some of my old club mates.
    cheers Peter

  2. September 25, 2014  2:03 am by Andrew Box Reply

    Hi Crocker
    Have been trying to get hold of you!!

    Notice that Wyatt Crocket is playing for the All Blacks!!
    When I visited you at Golden Bay you used to call your son Spanner?? However I am pretty sure that his proper name was Wyatt??

    Are there 2 of them??

    There is always a bed for you if get as far as Buckingham

    Hope to speak to you soon

    Tel. 44 1280 814186
    Mob. 44 7900 188433
    Email. andr.box@gmail.com

    • June 12, 2015  10:17 am by John Podevin Reply

      Boxy, are you the only one of the "old brigade" left in Buckingham? Noelene and I did a trip to Europe last year but didn't have time to gat to the UK. Hopefully next time if we can save the money. Who else will be there beside you? I know Smithy & Ron Jell are no longer with us and Chris Wood has also "gone". Hope you and family are well and prospering. Hope to catch up.........

  3. December 5, 2014  7:23 pm by Victor Reply

    Hello I need to speak to someone bout rugby because I'm trying to join the rugby club. But I got no replies. I've tried calling them but still no reply

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