Aylesbury Vale District Council is making some improvements to its recycling and waste collection services. There are a number of changes that are planned and AVDC will be launching a public information campaign, starting early June and running throughout the summer.

Having recently invested £3.7m in a new state-of-the-art waste vehicle fleet, all recycling, general waste, food and garden waste collection rounds are currently being redesigned to improve capacity and fuel efficiency. Any changes to a customer’s bin collection day will not come into effect until early September.

A letter explaining the day changes will be sent to all households across the Vale during mid-August, along with a new bin collection day calendar. The frequency of household collections will not change; with recycling and general waste collected on alternate weeks, garden waste collected fortnightly and food recycling collected every week.

The council will do all it can to make sure that customers have all the information they need so that the changes happen as smoothly as possible.

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