Even with the mis-classification of Maids Moreton as a ‘medium’ village by the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP), the village still has the largest development in terms of the population size when compared to all the other medium sized villages.

The table above shows the number of new houses proposed per 100 people.   As can be seen Maids Moreton has been allocated another 20 house per 100 population, that’s four times the average of only 5 houses per 100 population.

This would mean a 60% increase in the population of Maids Moreton compared to an average increase of 14%!

This clearly shows how much more intensive is the effect from the proposed allocation of 170 houses on Maids Moreton than on any other medium village.

We need to find out from the AVDC how they can justify the devastating impact that this proposed development would have on our village.

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